Danielle and Patrick

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Our Story

Our story depends on who you ask.

The part that we can both agree upon is that it was a lengthy courtship.

It all started on a boat cruise around Boston Harbor where Pat had started chatting up a girl that looked familiar from parties he had seen her at. Not long into the conversation, the girl asked Pat if he remembered her name.

Of course, Pat , who has never been good with names, nor remembering having a conversation with the girl, did not, and with Danielle's typical brashness she made sure that Pat knew he screwed up and should have known of this un-dated, unconfirmed previous meeting.

Between Pat's good looks and personality, he was able to get Danielle to forget about the whole "Namegate" issue and eventually she gave him her number, which was Danielle's first mistake. As with your typical millennial, Pat was more comfortable behind the protection of an iPhone than your old-fashioned modes of communication like face to face or using tin cans and a string. This is where Danielle found out about his witty dry sense of humor, terrible grammar and relentlessness.

Many of you probably thought it would have been hook, line, and sinker for Pat after getting Danielle's number - but that was far from the truth. As many of you know, Danielle comes from the school of thought that if something seems too good to be true, it typically is. But it was Danielle's beautiful smile, sense of humor, and straight forward style that kept Pat coming back.

Lauren Chism